The Department of Trollheim Presents:

Imminent Eviction

[Picture of the Trollheim camp]

Fort Trollheim was built just over a year ago on a trashed bit of land on the proposed route of yet another road, the A30 through route between Exeter and Honiton.  People who call themselves Trolls have turned it into a unique land reclamation statement, built to be defended, with the felled trees that were left behind.  The forces of darkness are gathering heir forces in order to evict us soon




Join our heroes in the on-going Luddite struggle against the Alien capitalists who see the human race as a snack and the earth as a salad.


Now unplug and shout: Destroy the machine!  Let's create interactions consciously only to increase the pleasure and intensity of life!

Land rights issues is a growing struggle as more oppressed societies fight (as they have in the past) against the greed of European human nature and its urge to possess material objects and greater financial gain at the cost of huge areas of important natural wealth of the planet, and millions of lives.

We the Trolls however know that tribal wisdom is seeping into city culture, and more people are starting to see what escaping the banality of commodity consumption has got to do with the protection of land and life : they are complementary.  Tribes and land are totally connected, yet the disrespect with which man exploits other men and the Earth is exactly what modern society is built on.

Yet ever since the Conquest people have been dropping out and finding out what living is all about.  You need understanding of the importance of land as it was created by nature : once destroyed, man can never rebuild it.

Only local action will stop global destruction, which is a series of local destructions.

At the moment protest is still legal but more legislation is being brought in so the people of Britain will no longer be able to stand up against oppressive government, which has started to direct its secret services against us, the 'eco-terrorists', and is draughting public order acts to prevent free-thinking gatherings. Political power and decision-making has been reduced to even fewer people, and consists largely of cover-ups and scandals, industrial lobbying and large-scale consumption.This sets a standard for government agencies (including the Highways Agency) as massive Earth-raping projects are spawned for personal gain by politicians and road-builders (for example) who enjoy the freedom to make profits out of public money.

Future generations have the right to appreciate the beauty of the shrinking countryside that envelopes the contagious cities inside.

See what is subversive about love and the refusal of constraints.  The profit-seekers have a corpse on their mouth, and their split-tongue spreads a stench which is familiar from the mass graves of war.


Ripped off from pages put together by Rachel Bates